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The 5 tips that will take your fries to the next level

Delicious Crispy Smooth French Fries

Delicious Crispy Smooth French Fries

French fries are known as restaurant bestsellers and crowd pleasers. Kids like them, teenagers enjoy them, grown-ups can’t get their hands off them. Mouth-watering fries, which are crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside always stand out.They make your customers come back and they make people talk. No wonder there’s no better form of advertising than this!

Of course, each chef has its own secrets to obtaining their perfect French fries. Can you imagine combining them to create your own recipe? We can, so we sat down with some of our potato loving clients who work in the hospitality industry and gathered the most popular tips and tricks that turn product into fried delights. Here is our list:

1. Choose the right potatoes

High levels of starch make potatoes crumble, as they become very soft. This is why, if you want crispy French fries which don’t stick, you should try potatoes which are low in starch, like Red Bliss or New Potatoes. Older potatoes tend to get drier, because they lose starch, as well, so, if you have any around, they’re a good starting point.

2. Remove the starch

No matter the potato type you choose, removing the starch will enhance your recipe. The best way to do this is to peel and cut the product, rinse it and, then, soak it in cold or ice water. You need to change the water occasionally, as it will turn white, because of the starch eliminated. This procedure takes a half an hour for Red Bliss and New Potatoes and up to a couple of hours for all the others.

3. Boil the Potatoes

If you want to go that extra mile in removing the starch, try also blanching the potatoes. Boil them in a mixture of water and salt for about 6-7 minutes. As starch is being eliminated, you will see the water get cloudy. Remove them from the water, put them on paper towels to absorb the excess moisture and, then, move them to the fridge, to ensure they get cooled off and that the cooking process stops. It is only after that you can fry them! Blanching potatoes ensures that they are creamy on the inside.

4. Double Fry Them

If you don’t want to try the boiling water trick, you may try double-frying them. Put them in oil at about 325 degrees -use a thermometer to ensure you have the right temperature- and let them cook for about 20 minutes. After they’re done, get them out, let them cool, and, only after, place them in the fryer. Now the oil must be heated at 375 degrees. This way, when you get them out, they will be gold and crispy on the outside.

5. Season Them

Now that your fries have the perfect texture, take their taste to new levels! Sprinkle the Chef’s Fun Foods Gourmet Fries Seasoning and, in just seconds, your potatoes will be all flavoured up and ready to go. Choose between Wild Buffalo, Garlic Parmesan, Flame Grilled BBQ, Cheesy Cheddar, Salt & Vinegar, Sour Cream & Onion, Salt & Garlic Pepper, and Ketchup.

Sounds interesting so far? Try these tips and tricks and develop your signature French fries recipe which will surely make your customers come back for more. Moreover, if you are really proud of the results and want to share them with us, add your recipe and / or photos in the description below.

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