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Top reasons why flavored fries are the next big thing

deluxe_friesFlavored French fries are, indeed, a treat – we’ve tasted them ourselves, we’ve shown them off to fairs and hospitality events, we’ve sent packages all across the US and the world to chefs who couldn’t wait to get their hands on them. And, now, after studying everyone’s feedback and seeing how venues benefit from using our products, we can firmly say that, yes, flavored fries are the next big thing! So, dear chefs, hold on to hats and let us walk you through our top reasons for ordering your first batch of Gourmet Fries Seasoning.

  1. Everyone already loves potato chips that taste like barbecue sauce, ketchup, sour cream and onion etc. Imagine doing the same for fries! Adding popular flavors to fries will lead to developing products which guests will anxiously try.
  2. Our line of fries seasonings is made of add-on spices which don’t require high investments in product and that don’t take up freezer space. This means that you can introduce new side dishes into your menu without compromising on efficiency or affecting your kitchen flow. Moreover, you don’t need to hire another person to prepare the new side dishes.
  3. They are good for marketing, as they add variety to your already existing menu. You already have fries in the menu, so why not spice it up with flavors like Cheesy Cheddar, Flame Grilled BBQ, Garlic Parmesan, Ketchup, Salt & Garlic Pepper, Salt & Vinegar, Sour Cream & Onion and Wild Buffalo? This way, you get to create a whole new fries menu which will surely grab your customers’ attention. Even more, if you are feeling really creative, you can play with the flavors and create fries starters, sharing platters etc.
  4. They are a great way to generate word-of-mouth. Guests enjoy indulging in the crispy, bite-sized treats and can’t stop talking about the new, fun tastes. Flavored fries will surely make you the talk of the town both offline and online, on social media. Join the #flavoredfries map!
  5. They generate profits. Each serving of flavored fries costs you $0.03 to make. If you sale each side with an extra of $0.50 compared to the average one, you will enjoy a $0.47 profit / serving. For every 100 portions of fries served, you gain $47. Take into account your average sales, how much will you make per month?
  6. Our studies show that creating a flavored fries menu increases fries sales by 28%. The reason is simple: people order more side-dishes to try all the flavors, they recommend it to others, as well, and they return to your venue for these mouth-watering treats.
  7. They drive beverage sales. Choose them as a house snack on game evenings, and you’ll keep the beer coming all night.
  8. They make a good differentiator. Most casual dining and quick service restaurants have similar menus, which makes it hard for guests to pick a favorite. They often choose based on proximity, parking spaces etc. Flavored French fries will surely make you stand out from the crowd.
  9. Unlike dips, ketchup, vinegar etc., which make potatoes soggy, the Gourmet Fries Seasoning line keeps your fries crispy on the outside and smooth on the inside.

10. One serving of Gourmet Fries Seasonings is less expensive than one serving of ketchup. 

Gourmet Fries Seasoning vs. Ketchup

Gourmet Fries Seasoning vs. Ketchup

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