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Ana Doaga


Train Your Waiting Staff to do Suggestive Selling (II)

suggestive selling for restaurants

When it comes to growing your restaurant business, suggestive selling really does the trick. That is why we have decided to bring you some more advice on how to make it work in your favor. So, if you already read and started implementing Train Your Waiting Staff to do Suggestive Selling I, make sure you teach your associates the following:

  1. Encourage guests to add take-out to their order. If your guests had a lovely evening, but they are too full for dessert, have your waiters say something like “Would you like to try our signature raspberry cheesecake? Our guests love its smoothness and fine taste. We could add it as a to-go order, so you may enjoy it later, at home”.

  2. Teach your waiters to be specific. It is always more efficient to ask a customer whether they want to start off their dinner with a glass of your Pinot Grigio than with a glass of wine. It makes the suggestion more convincing.

  3. Help you waiters do suggestive selling by creating some house items. Things like The Chef’s Special or Today’s Special always draw attention, so ensure that you use this method to activate the products which have higher margins and which will charm the customers.

  4. Don’t be afraid to organize competitions. If you have a new product or if you want to introduce a new flavor of French fries, consider offering a prize to the server which sells more. When it stimulates people, competition is beneficial. All you have to do is ensure that your restaurant managers have their eyes on the staff, to prevent waiters from becoming too eager.

  5. Ensure your staff tests the menu. I cannot stress enough the importance of having your waiters actually taste the dishes you have in the menu. This way, you ensure they know exactly what they are recommending to the client and that they may describe the products with passion and enthusiasm. If there are items they don’t like, make them understand that their tastes might not always match the clients’ and that they should understand what each dish has to offer. At Chef’s Fun Foods, we encourage our clients to have their staff test any new menu addition and this is why, this month, we are offering free samples with any order.

To ensure that your waiters do suggestive selling the right way, train them, but always make them feel empowered. Having the opportunity to talk to customers their own way and describe their favorite dishes, without feeling forced, will make them more convincing and genuine which will benefit your restaurant.


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