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Everything you need to know on Marketing Flavored French Fries

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If you’ve tried our Gourmet Fries Seasoning on French fries, then you managed to create 7 mouth-watering dishes which will surely delight your guests! That’s fabulous, but now the question is what do you do from here? Having a good product is not enough, you need to market it in a way which encourages people to try it and have it generate word-of-mouth. To give you a hand, we, at Chef’s Fun Foods, have made a list of the top ideas to implement, so you ensure you drive more French fries sales and boost your awareness using our simple add-ons.  

  1. Create a new French fries menu (different from the a la carte) which you advertise separately as a limited time offer. Make your customers understand that they will not be available forever, to induce a sense of pressure – try them now, or you might not find them later. Teach your waiters to recommend them. After a month, assess sales and see which were your most popular flavors. Choose the top or, if the sales were similar, introduce them all into the a la carte menu.

  2. Use flavored French fries to spice up the games. Include seasoned fries in your house recommendations for football nights. They will not only be a good surprise for your customers who enjoy a good snack, but also drive beverage sales. So season the fries and bring on the beer!

  3. Make flavored French fries side dishes for new products that you want to have people try. Combine them with a new sandwich or slider, with your house burger or with that delicious steak cut. This will surely spark curiosity and give people yet another reason to try the new combo.

  4. Create fries assortments which you may sell as apps. Combine flavors to give people a taste of your bestselling choices. Invent enticing names such as “the tasty Frenchy platter”.

  5. Promote your fries lines on social media! Create a Facebook competition where you have users vote on their favorite flavors. Join the #flavoredfries!

  6. Use them as covers. Welcome guests with a small sample of your flavored fries in small tin buckets. This way, they will have the chance to taste the incredibly surprising products and it won’t take long until they start ordering and recommending them.

  7. Offer on the house samples for bigger parties. Bring them with the main dish, or as an app for tables of 4+ people, who order at least two courses (a main dish and an app / dessert).

  8. Create a happy hour offer which includes your delicious flavored fries. Once your customers try it, they will surely get hooked on the taste!

We’d love to hear your success stories, so we invite you to share your flavored French fries marketing tips in the comments section below!

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