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Ana Doaga


8 Tips to Doing Plating Right

Photo credit: Michael Stern. Source Flicker. License: Creative Commons.

Photo credit: Michael Stern. Source Flicker. License: Creative Commons.

To keep up with today’s customers, you need to be aware that you’re cooking for foodies and Instagramers, for people who watch cooking shows and follow step-by-step recipes on blogs and Youtube. This means that everyone’s standards have gone up and that they are all looking for delicious food which is beautifully presented. Once your dishes attract customers visually, half of your job is done and you can bet that they will always remember what your food looks like. No wonder that our advice for you is to make your food as appealing as possible, so that, every time guests see a plate, they feel the need to order that dish.

So, if you want to step up your plating game and are in need of some quick fixes, here are our top pieces of advice:

  1. First of all, always consider your audience and restaurant style. Are you a fine dining chef or a casual dining one? Think of what your guests’ expectations are and make sure you always match and exceed them.

  2. Pay attention to accessories. Choose simple plates, with no colors and patterns if you think your food will have a personality of itself and more complex designs for simpler meals. Pay attention to the silverware you use and ensure it matches your food and restaurant style.

  3. Mix at least 3 colors in your plate. This gives you enough visual diversity to create an interesting composition.

  4. Start in the middle, but don’t create perfect symmetries. Design your dish from the center of the plate and get creative. This will help it look organized, yet creative.

  5. Use mini dishes such as ramekins and mini-casseroles, as these add style to any plate.

  6. Use pincers when you place your ingredients and ensure you respect the position of each ingredient. At the end of the day, consistency is what sets a great chef apart from a good one.

  7. Use the proper utensils. From pastry cutters, to molds, pipettes, brushes and piping bags, they all help you create and recreate perfect designs for your dish.

  8. Decorate your plate with herbs, edible flowers, sauces and zests, to ensure they are not only tasty, but colorful and fresh.

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